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Load HTML from another domain

Is it possible to load HTML from another domain in modal windows?

Do you mean embed another website as an <iframe>? Yes, but the URL must use the secure HTTP/SSL https protocol.

Perfect. This already helps me a lot for the implementation of a fake integration that we are carrying out with an e-commerce platform.

I would really like to do a complete integration, but I didn’t find ways to get external data into the shapespark scenes, for example:

  • Load textures from an external database.
  • Load strings to compare my variable URL to link to a product that was dynamically loaded.
  • Save session variables as in PHP or other web languages to create a shopping cart.

Does anyone have any experience in these matters?

Have you tried this part of the API: GitHub - shapespark/shapespark-viewer-api: JavaScript API for interacting with the Shapespark 3D scene. ?

Sorry, I don’t understand this issue. Could you be more detailed?

Perhaps, you can apply browsers’ local storage: Window.localStorage - Web APIs | MDN for this issue?

On (Salão do Digitalismo by Cristiano Chaussard e Paulo Passuello) If you click on the round icon in the center of the screen with information sign you can see that I was able to load an external website in an iFrame, but when choosing some product in this one (and in almost all other ecommerces I could test) the navigation flow is interrupted.

Do you know why this happens?
Do you have any suggestions for another approach?

The external website disallows embedding product pages on another websites. See: HTML label not working - #2 by jan

There is no workaround for it. The product site has to be opened as a stand-alone page.