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Load local images

Is there a way to load local imagery with extensions for an offline presentation?

Yes, you can put such local images in the extra-assets folder. See Using your own statis asset files.

Ok, thank you , ill try this today

I’m confused with the script and how to connect it to a html extension. Is there a sample file you can send me that will show me how to load local imagery with the extension?

Can you show me the script to enter into the HTML extension for local images?

And is there a separate body-end.html file also?

Please take a look at the screenshot in this post: Using the extra-assets folder - #5 by my3ideas

That worked. Thank you.

Is there a way to open local 360 images in a 360 vr player for example the GoProVR player?

It could be possible, but rather difficult to setup hosting of such 360 player locally. An easier approach would be to host the 360 tours on a separate remote site, an embed them as iframes.

Thank you. Ill let you know if I get it to work and if its needed on m end.