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Looking for 3D expert to create Shapespark house models

I am looking for an experienced Shapespark expert who could create my house models in Shapespark. Currently, I have 20 single-family houses that are created using in 3D using BIM. I would export each house 3D model in FBX format and you would need to add furniture, add additional textures, and make the model ready so I could embed it on the website. This is one of the houses that I exported in FBX and added to Shapespark as an example -

Additionally, I would like to use a texture configurator so website visitors could play with different textures on each house model. The configurator would have a different design than original Shapespark configurator, as in the attached image, two panels, for Exterior and Interior. The exterior would have Siding-1, Siding 2 and Decorations (for columns and beams), set of textures, so each I imagine to have 8 textures. Then there will be Interior pannel. There would be drop-down of textures of Flooring, Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Countertop, Bathroom (tiles). Each 6-8 textures.

I will help with the interior furniture selection so the house interior would have a cozy overall atmosphere.

Would be interested to know if your pricing suggestions. I have 20 house models now but am looking for a reliable partner so you could create Shapespark models for all the future house designs. Also, please send me your portfolio of your previous Shapespark models to Thanks!



Hi ignas, hope you are doing well and helthy.
I can help you out with your proyects.
Here are some examples of the most recent i made.

Let me know if you want to have a call or chat about your projects.

here is my webpage and contact: