Looking for a Shapespark expert to handle a number of 3D experiences linked to a single a showroom

We have a single showroom that will have objects/triggers that link to other showrooms. These other showrooms will be more experiential with lots of triggers for models turning on/off, popups, possible texture changing, and more interactions. I have some of the geometry/texturing laid out already in C4D, but you will be free to change software or objects and do whatever you feel is needed as long as it still follows our storyboards/ideas (I am a not a 3D artist by trade so what we have so far is good enough to get by but not perfect).

Your job will mainly to be setting up the geometry, textures, lighting, and interactions (which I can also help with) with our direction.

We have story boards of the experiences’ interactions and can share those after receiving an estimate and you sign an NDA. Once you do one experience then we can talk about continuing to work on the others.

Here is an ambiguous example to convey what you might need in order to give us an estimate:

  1. You are in the main showroom, there are products on pedestals and doors behind them. The doors are windows to the other virtual experiences.
  2. You go to one experience by clicking a trigger in the doorway.
  3. You arrive at a new showroom and there is a prompt window of sorts to start the experience.
  4. You start the experience, the product shows up with a prompt box with text and a video above it talking you through it. You hit some kind of trigger that moves the product somewhere else and a model of a house appears or comes into view.
  5. You hit another trigger (the next step) the texture of the house changes
  6. You hit another trigger and you and the product move somewhere else.
  7. This happens again and again with other models being triggered to turn on or disappear at certain parts of this journey.

If you are interested please provide your email address and showcase some of your work. I will then reach out and ask for your estimate. Thanks!

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Hi Paul

I would like to provide my services, I have done a wide range of walkthrough’s with examples shown below:

If there are anything further you would like to know I would be more than happy to provide you with any further information.

38a The Esplanade - walkthrough

18 Mclarin rd - walkthrough

Hawkins homes - Gloria walkthrough

Hawkins homes - Therese walkthrough

Kind regards

3D4U would like to offer you its services.

We use ShapeSpark primarily for company showrooms and set them up in such a way that the client can easily change content afterwards without the need for re-baking the scene.

We can also provide a customized menu with added functionality like (i) colored buttons to match your companies colors, (ii) collapsible buttons, (iii) starting screen and (iv) direct links to other spaces.

As these are client examples I don’t feel free to share their URL’s in this forum. Of course I can show some examples in a videocall.

Please see this small demo space : 3D scene in which we experimented with high quality ‘2D’ turntable animations which look ‘3D’.

You can reach me at avanzwol@3d4u.nl

HI Paul

We do many different types of Projects with shapespark.

Much Appreciated

Hi Paul
At Reaktor48 we are doing that kind of projects
Please have a look at some of our examples :


If you liked our work feel free to contact me at : grzegorz.rak@reaktor48.com

Kind Regards