Looking for a Shapespark expert to handle a small Art Gallery project

The tasks are very simple as follows:
1-Importing the virtual gallery .obj and it’s refinements
2-Adding object and artworks which client will provide also in .obj and their refinements.

I will open a Premier Account for my own and give access to the expert.


Hi Vahid!
Here is a link of the Shapespark tour we did to give you an idea of what we can do.

Could you please elaborate a bit more on what all functionalities you need on the Shapespark tour?
What’s going to the model/texture quality on the .obj files and what sort of refinements we are looking for?
Lastly, when is the project needed to be delivered?
You can reach out to me at “harvinder@opusvisual.com” for further communication if needed.

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Hi Vahid,

I’d like to know more about your project. I just sent you a message.

Hi Vahid,

We have lots of experience with virtual art galleries. Please visit our website Virtual-Tours you’ll find the galleries lower down in the list.

My email is jen@my3ideas if you feel we can help you.

Thank you