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Looping video Texture

Hi all,

Is there a way to have a looping video texture in the base material slot? If so what file format can I use and does it have a limit for the video length/size?

Thank you

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Please take a look at this short YT video (created by @jorgearq) showing how to apply a video texture: The objects you’d like to apply the texture on must have texture UV mapping imported from the 3D modelling software.

It’s best to use MP4 format. The video file may have at most 100MBs.

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Hi @peepshowillustration, this is a step by step procedure

  1. choose a video that you what to use in your tour.
  2. make an image from video with your video editor program (I recommend you VLC media player
  3. place that image like a texture with ketchup or the 3D modeler program that you use, scale it as your need
  4. export your model to shapespark
  5. in material window on shapespark, select the specific image
  6. unlock base color symbol and select your video clicking on the little image symbol right side of the material name.
    video on shapespark buton
  7. a find window opens and you can upload your video file in mp4 format
  8. you can tune your video by selecting emissive or make another adjustment click on correction

This :arrow_up: instruction makes automatically your video a loop. If you want to control it you need to make this :arrow_down:

  1. go on the viewer window
  2. select + plus button on the extension to make a new one
  3. choose video texture control
    video texture control
  4. name your new extension and select the plus button right side of material with
    Inkedvideo texture control 2_LI
  5. select the video that you want to manage
    video texture control 3
    video texture control 4
  6. then select the plus icon to make a trigger
    Inkedvideo texture control 2b_LI
  7. in the trigger panel you can choose 3 types. the next step is a little tricky because you need to chose an icon or text, and immediately pic on a place to put it on, if you don´t do this the trigger never appears so you can not manage it!!!
    Inkedvideo texture control 5_LI
  8. Finally you can check or not autoplay, loop and mute

video texture control 8

I hope this tutorial about how to upload and manage videos serves you and all.


Awesome, thank you for the in-depth guide. Loving this community!

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