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Loosing light position set in sketchup

I have noticed that my lights, which are added in sketchup, needs to be repositioned everytime I update the model in shapespark. This should not happen. appreciate your help here.

Shapespark assumes that the position of a light imported from SketchUp is managed primarily in SketchUp. So, when you update your scene from a new version of the SketchUp model the position of a light in SketchUp overwrites the position of the corresponding light in Shapespark. This way, if you move around the lights in SketchUp, the scene update reflects the change.

So, instead of repositioning a light in Shapespark, please reposition it in SketchUp.

The problem is that the light I want to add is an area light. The light fixture is angled so I cannot precisely judge the positioning of light and so I have to modify it within shapespark.
If I add the light in shapespark, will it retain its position?

Yes, if you add the light in Shapespark, its position and orientation will persist updates from the SketchUp model.