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Low quality texture when importing .FBX

I have a problem with my textures when importing with FBX.
The textures are really really low quality with FBX. And they are perfect with OBJ.
first image: OBJ
Second image: FBX

I really need to import with FBX for lot of reason. Please someone can help me?

It looks that when you import the model through the FBX format the model has an incorrect scale - the size of the sofa in the scene doesn’t match the size of a real-world sofa. Could you check scale options of the FBX exporter in your 3D modeling tool?

I tried centrimeters, meters, millimeters and also kilometres… always low quality texture. I also tried changing FBX version and type. Same issue.

What 3D modeling tool to you use?

Ok i solved the issue scaling all the model on maya. Thank you anyway!

Btw I think shapespark can’t read properly the “Scale Factor” of the FBX. it’s strange that if I change the unit the model remains the same on shapespark. Could be?

In general Shapespark reads the Scale Factor from the FBX files properly, but perhaps there is something specific in Maya.

One more thing is that perhaps changing the unit in Maya doesn’t change the real-world size of the 3D model? Let’s say, if your sofa had 10cm while working with centimeters, and you change the unit to inch, does the sofa have 10in now or 10cm = 3.9in?

Yes. My sofa is 0.2 meters and if I change unit in inch it has 11in

The problem I have is that if I import an FBX with meters unit or centimeters unit it doesn’t change anything. Taxture and model have the same size

and as u see here also the bump map has problem in shapespark but not the texture of the curtain

Shapespark assumes that objects have real-world sizes. If changing the unit in Maya doesn’t change the real-world size of a model, then it’s the expected behavior that the object has the same dimensions in Shapespark no matter if you set Maya to use meters or inches before the FBX export. If you use inches the sofa is imported as having 11in in the real world, and when you use meters it is imported as having 0.28m, and it’s the same real-world size.

So, to change the real-world size you have to scale the model in Maya, not just change the unit.

What do you mean by a bump map problem? Could you share the link to the uploaded scene, so we could take a look at it?

Sure! 3D scene (

Thanks. The bump texture should be a height map whereas the scene currently uses a normal map for the curtain. In height map the black color means maximum bump under the surface, white color - maximum bump over the surface, and 50%-grey means no change to the surface height.