Make unique for textures/objects

Hello everyone,

after so many different scenes, one issue is always the same to me : making things unique in Sketchup.
Maybe I do things the wrong way but if I have for example 60 screens and I want a different texture on each one, it’s a big mess.

I know it should be done while making the model (and I’ve told my coworker many times :slight_smile: ) but forgetting one object/one texture can make me lose hours, even more if the render was already done (reimport from Sketchup means re-rendering :frowning: ). Let’s not talk about last minute wishes for the client that are “minor” !

Would it be possible to have a little option to either make unique or apply a texture only to the clicked face ?

A second suggestion would be to be able to create a new texture directly in shapespark. Usefull for the color picker as well !

Thank you