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Marker at full-screen mode

Hi. I just realized that the marker are missing in the full-screen mode. I know that the usage of the scene is different but it still would be good to have the option to see and use the marker.

To keep the mouse pointer visible, the full-screen mode navigation would need to be changed to work in the same way as non-full-screen mode navigation. With the mouse pointer hidden a single continuous mouse movement can turn the camera by any angle without requiring a mouse click (like in FPS games). With a pointer visible, the mouse cannot move outside of the screen borders, so when the pointer reaches the border it is not possible to turn further. This is why in non-full-screen navigation turning the camera requires mouse button to be pressed: when the pointer reaches the screen border, you need to release the mouse, move the pointer back, press the mouse again and continue to turn.

So there will never be an option to have both?

I’m not sure what is the best approach. Our initial thinking was that the game-like experience with hidden pointer is very nice to have, but we do not have any feedback if people are actually using it and find it intuitive. Perhaps by default the pointer should always be visible and hide only after some additional button is pressed?

If your question was if it is possible to show the pointer and allow to turn without the mouse pressed, then no, this is not possible. Once the pointer reaches the end of the screen, the browser stops delivering the mouse move events, so it is not possible to detect further movement of the mouse.

I had the experience today that a client started a scene in full-screen mode. From the starters view, no markers where visible so she couldn’t find them. I don’t know if the full-screen mode needs to be the way it is. I for my self can say that it feels a bit odd. Probably because I am used to using the scenes in a non-full-screen mode.

Maybe there can be an option to activate or deactivate the pointer.

How about the bottom and top menu? If the pointer stays visible in the full-screen mode, do you think the menu should also stay on the screen (currently it is hidden).

Let’s see if there are any other opinions, but I don’t think hiding a pointer in full-screen by default is something that we must preserve.

If there is a pointer the menus should also be visible.

I agree with Tim, when in full screen mode the markers should still be visible. If the shapespark experience is embedded into a website and the client wants to see it larger and click the full screen button they straight way start missing out on all the extra details (like changing colours). Seems very strange this wouldn’t be the default setting. If need be put a tick box in that enables us to pick which option it should be.

The next release will include this change. The full screen will now show the mouse pointer and keep the menu visible. If someone prefers the current mode, it will be possible to hide the mouse pointer with the l button.


That’s great news, thanks for that. Any idea when this update will roll out?

@smartviewmediaau we plan to release it next Monday (February 3th)


The update with this change - 1.9.2 - has just been rolled out.