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Material name under Sample

Is it possible to add a material name under, in or above a sample?

Being able to select color options is pointless if people don’t know what the option is called.

No, this is not possible. The material picker spheres are rendered in 3D, and positioning flat or 3D texts of different lengths on top of them would be quite an undertaking.

What should be possible is to display a message with a selected material name in a corner of the viewer when the user selects a material. For example: ‘Gray marble selected’. It would require naming the materials in a user friendly way. Would it be an acceptable solution for you?

if not for @smartviewmediaau for me it would!
But please as an electable option.

Yes @jan that would be an acceptable solution. But as @tim said, please make it an electable option.

Please see this example:

This scene uses the following custom body-end.html file to show a name of the selected material. You can place this file in your Documents\Shapespark\SCENE_NAME\ folder to have the same functionality.

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