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Material Picker: 2 colors in 1 picker

Hi Jan and Wojciech,

I would like to ask if this is possible. We have one kitchen option that is in two toned colors. how can I get this done like the picture below. Do i need to bake this kind of texture/materials?


Other options are in monotone only.

Multi-material change is not supported by the color picker. As a workaround you can use a two-color texture assigned to cabinets in a way that some cabinets use one half of the texture, and the other cabinets the second half of the texture. See: Changing colors of an object - #4 by Vladan

Hi Wojciech, Thank you for your response. I tried your suggestions but stil doesnt work since the finishes has bump textures and once i use the material picker, it will still read the uv mapping of the source object.

are there other ways to do this except using switch object?

I am sorry but, I don’t see any other built-in ways to change 2 materials at once. If you need to use Bump map then only the Switch Objects extension and Custom hide in views option come to my mind.