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Material picker and moving in Vr

Hi Guys,

I wanted to try my scene in Vr but i only have a smartphone and a google cardboard.
But i do not understand how i can move in Vr, do i need to buy another and nicer vr glasses ore how does this work?
If yes do you have any suggestions?

And is it normal that i don’t see the material picker in Vr mode?

Thanks in advance,
Keep up the good work, really nice software!


Hello Sam,

With cardboard you need to look at a fixed place for some time to activate gaze based teleport. It is demonstrated here:

Yes, material picker is disabled in VR.

Thanks Jan,

Is there any idea when the material picker will be available in vr mode, ore is this not on the list to develop.

Is it possible to vieuw the model in a oculus go ore samsung gear and move whit the controllers by picking your next point.
This would be also a nice way how to choose your materials in vr.

In VR controllers activate the teleport, so you don’t need to wait for the timer, but can teleport instantly with the controller click.

We don’t have plans to make the material picker available in VR in the short term. The fact that the UI would need to support cardboard that doesn’t have a controller as well as devices with controllers makes it quite difficult.