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Material Picker Custom Placement

Just wondering if we can change the position, shape and size of material picker spheres. Some times especially in mobile view they do hide the subject which looks odd.
Would be great if we could place them over any part of screen and those heavy spheres could be replaced with rectangular 2 dimensional objects.

We are thinking about changes in the material picker UI, but our current view is that the materials to pick should be displayed in a specific place in a 3D world (for example around a sphere that opens the picker), and do not move with the camera. The reasoning is that if materials are in a fixed place on the screen, as it is currently the case, it is not possible to use gaze in VR to select a material (you can’t center the gaze on any material, because all materials stay at the bottom of the screen when you move your head).

Rectangles placed in a configurable part of the screen seem to have the same problem, it wouldn’t be possible to select a rectangle with a gaze in VR.