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Material Picker Display

Hello, in regard of latest changes in Shapespark 1.17, specifically the material picker spheres changes, we noticed that every single one of our clients isn’t really happy with the way these materials are displayed. I think it’s a nice feature to have if you have a bit of 3D experience, since you can visualize the material fully, but for the average person just seeing the platform, it really isn’t much clear what material you are picking.

If it would be possible to have personalized sprites like the extensions have, or even have a customizable name tag over the spheres, that would also help.

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback.

What do you mean by personalized sprites. Do you mean that you would like to replace the material picker spheres (shown below) by arbitrary objects provided by you?

Would displaying squares instead of spheres with material samples work better for your use case?

Being able to switch those between spheres and circles would be a neat addition.

@Random, would 2D squares work as well as 2D circles for you?

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Yes, I think maybe 2D squares would be easier to understand than the 3D spheres, but if they could also display some kind of text so we can name the materials, that would be great.

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