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Material picker issue with texture scaling

Hi, before complaining I want to say this is my first post and I am using the trial period still but I plan to subscribe because you guys have created the best SW for my use case and I’ve tried everything I could find so Thank You!

The issue I have is that when using the material picker the textures display at a random or possibly default scale but not the scale which is set in Sketchup for the given material. The texture is displayed at the correct scale in my material pool and I make sure to provide a large enough block for the texture to pattern. This resolved the original issue I had with textures appearing as black solids and texture artifacts appearing throughout the model. No matter what though, I can’t get the textures to show at the scale set in Sketchup. I’ve tried multiple materials/exports/renders and most recently exported the model as a new scene in case some properties were locked in shapespark from previous imports.

The image below shows my pool textures properly sized at 2’x2’ but when activated on the countertop the texture repeats every ~6 inches. This particular black marble texture image is 2000x2000 pixels.

Any thoughts? Thank you.

Hi, welcome to the forum!

When you use material picker all the texture alternatives share the same texture UV mapping - the one from the original material. So, if the texture that is originally on the countertop corresponds to 2x2’ in real word, then all the other alternative textures have to correspond to 2x2’ in real world as well.

This means, that if some alternative texture corresponds to, say, 1x1’ now, please tile the texture in an image editor to create a 2x2’ texture.

Hi @wojtek, thank you for the reply!

I’ve spent the whole day attempting to get all of the materials used for a given object to the same dimensions and it is just not realistic. For example, a rhombus tile like shown below with seamless dimensions of say 255px by 430px would require a square texture size of 21,930px by 21,930px. I can reduce the resolution but it still ends up being a huge physical (# of tiles) size so all the other textures must then be patterned in photoshop to match the dimensions and become huge themselfs. Alternatively, the work involved to make already existing square seamless textures the same proportions of my rhombus pattern is just not worth it plus another odd pattern could have an even larger lowest common denominator with the rhombus ratio.

This constraint isn’t much of a problem with more abstract textures like marble but with I find it to be quite debilitating when trying to work with wall tiles. I mean just flip through the pre-made patterns in Sketchup and you get an idea of how many different ratios exist.


Maybe others have found a clever work-around that I haven’t thought of yet? :crossed_fingers:
I saw what @tedvitale did by having duplicate objects each with their own texture and hiding different ones in different scenes to achieve a similar result. I think that is awesome, particularly in a use case where you want to match up a bunch of different textures as options A, B, etc.

IMO it would be nice if this constraint of sharing UV mapping was removed in the event that the materials are setup in the picker prior to baking. I imagine it would increase the baking time but I’m certain it would be faster than me adjusting every material to the same dimensions.



Thank you very much for your feedback.

We have analyzed how we could use different UV scales for different material picker alternatives, and it seems like it could be done automatically without any additional settings, as you suggest. We would like to experiment with this idea, but I am not sure if we will be able to do it in the near future.

Thank you for the reply.

I am sure as I learn the SW I will find tricks to speed up my workflow. Also, I look forward to the improvements you guys continue to make.