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Material Roughness Adjustment Jumped Too Fast


I want to ask about the material adjustment in Shapespark. Whenever I want to apply roughness, it is really hard since the difference between 0 and 0.01 is way too much, which is unrealistic. It should be gradually getting rough.

Is it some kind of optimization or bug? Because I really need a soft roughness.

Thank you.

0 roughness is a special case that uses higher resolution (6x512x512 pixels) light probe for a mirror-like reflection effect.

Any other setting uses a blurred light probes, with resolutions starting from 6x128x128 pixels down to 6x1x1 pixels.

I was wondering if maybe in future you could add possibility of manually choosing the light probe resolution?
As mentioned previously there is a huge jump between 0 and 0.01 roughness. Would be really useful to be able to use something in between. I understand that it would affect the performance, but it could still be useful for the smaller scenes.
Also, would it possible to re-calculate the lightprobes on material change? Or may be add a function to the API. When you have a mirror surface and change the material, the material in the mirror is unchanged, which is quite problematic.
I hope there is a “yes” to at least one of the requests :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mirror light probe resolution can be adjusted with:


512 is the default value. The value needs to be a power of two, so you can increase it to 1024 or 2048.
Keep in mind that memory required by a mirror light probe is: 6 * resolution * resolution * 4;
So 512 resolution lightprobe uses 6.2MB of GPU memory, with 1024 it is: 25MB and with 2048: 100MB per light probe.

We are experimenting with making a change between roughness 0 and 0.01 lees abrupt, and see good results. We will include this in the next release.

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Thanks, Jan.
WALK.LIGHT_PROBE_MIRROR_SIZE works great. Is it possible to recalculate light probs after the scene is loaded?
I’m excited to see the next update!

The just released Shapespark 1.17.2 includes the roughness adjustment improvement mentioned by @jan: the reflections are sharper in the [0; 0.1] roughness range.