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Material selection logging

We are currently working on a project and would like to add some functionality to the shape spark experience.

We would like to to know if there is a possible way to log/ record the material selections made in a shape spark online walkthrough.

Is there any sort of API that could do this ?

@4dco, we do not have API aimed particularly at this. However, our API allows you to build your own material configurator, in which case you would be in full control of what to do with user material selections.

The API is documented here:

Is this functionality only available locally. Is there a way this can be exported or uploaded for web use

This functionality is a part of the “custom branding” feature so it’s available for uploaded scenes in the Standard or Plus plans and with the perpetual license. If you have one of these, follow to put your custom functionality in the local scene, and then upload the scene using the “Upload” button.