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Materiel picker in editor issue

Materiel picker won’t change in the editor, just shows black
it works in the uploaded file though. but the sample spheres seem to be clipped

These are two unrelated problems.

  1. The solution to the first issue is explained here: Material switching issue - #6 by wojtek We have improved the material picker recently not to require textures to tile, this improvement is already available in Shapespark hosting, but not yet released to the desktop application. This is most likely reason why you see the problem on your computer, but not after uploading the scene.

  2. The second issue is a bug in how Shapespark calculates camera near plane in the orbit mode. If the camera is far from the orbit center the camera near plane is moved further away to prevent z-fighting, but in this case it is moved too far and the material picker spheres are clipped. We will work on a fix.

We have fixed the second issue.