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Max Lightmaps higher then 8?


im wondering if there is a way to increase the max lightmaps. At the moment maximum is 8… could i increase this somehow?

why would you like to have more than 8 lightmaps

because i have a very large interior scene with many objects…?

8 lightmaps is already a lot for mobile devices. Perhaps instead of using that many lightmaps your scene has some objects with large area that can use low lightmap resolution? You can set custom per object resolution in the Objects tab.
External terrain, exterior walls often do not receive interesting shadows or are visible only from distance, you can use very small resolution in such cases. Also if your scene happens to be enclosed in some dome or cylinder to have a custom sky mapping, make sure to set lightmap resolution to 0 for such an object.

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yeah, but if i dont target mobile devices… ist it possible to have more then 8 or not?

No, it is not possible.