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Meeting avatar model is now available

We are inviting to use our 3D Meetings avatar in your promotional activities. The model is to be found here: You can insert the avatar as an object in your non-meeting demo scenes etc. On a related note, you are also allowed to add images showing your scenes with avatars to your websites. Here’s hoping that all that will translate into a better meeting-related marketing and sales content.


Yay! Thx @magda I was going to send a message requesting access to the model for exactly these purposes.


Thanks for this! Thought I’d share :slight_smile:


@ville that is a great idea for promoting and looks great. What are you using to create it is it Lumion?

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Thanks! Yup Lumion it is.

For an upcoming event the plan is to make similar animations of clients showrooms so they can promote them + the meetings function at the same time on social media and hopefully funnel more customers in.