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Meeting crash bug on iPhone

Hi folks,

iPhone participants room crashes on joining a running meeting.

Person 1 starts a meeting, person 2 joining on iPhone, person 2’s scene crashes / reloads after pressing join. Crash / reload occurs during scene loading circle.

  • 1 iPhone hosting alone is fine without crash
  • iPhone hosting to PC/Mac ok
  • iPhone hosting to iPhone causes BOTH to crash
  • PC/Mac hosting to iPhone causes iPhone to crash

Recreated problem across multiple scenes, accounts and iPhones, crashed on fully updated iPhone 12 Pro Max iOS 15.1 & iPhone 11 Pro iOS 15.1. (No Android phones to test on this end)

Worked perfectly across all platforms and cross platform prior to iOS updates. Pretty niche issue to discover but hopefully you already know about it or it’s a heads up.

Cheers guys,

Thank you for the report. We are investigating it.

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We have found a reason for the crash, it’s a bug in iOS 15.1 affecting H264 codec used by audio-video meetings: 232006 – REGRESSION(Safari 15 - iOS 15.1): Muting camera while on a call with H264 crashes tab Apple fixed the bug, and the fix will be included in iOS 15.2. Until then, as a workaround, we’ll change the meeting codec to VP8. The workaround will be deployed tomorrow.

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That’s absolutely fantastic, thanks wojtek! Cheers for putting in the hours to sort a solution, it’s very much appreciated!

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The new version of the viewer with the workaround is out. Could you check if it fixes the meeting crashes on your iPhones?

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Brilliant, thanks! Happy to confirm all sorted this end and back working perfectly, both between the team and out to clients. Appreciate and much thanks to you and the dev team for sorting a fix!

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