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Meeting projection screen extention Does not work

Meeting projection screen extention does not work.
I have tested it in some scenes
The screen is slightly reflective or remains white.

Is there a problem with the material settings?
Or is it a configuration issue in the Meeting projection screen?

Please let me know if there is a detailed manual WEB page.

It looks that the screen doesn’t have texture UV mapping information required for screen sharing. Are you using SketchUp? In the case of SketchUp the texture UV mapping information is exported for an object only if the object has a textured material. So, you have to assign a placeholder texture to the screen in SketchUp. Position & scale the texture so that the texture entirely fills the screen: the bottom, top, left & right edges of the texture should be aligned with bottom, to, left & right edges of the screen.


It worked!
Simple thing,
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you :grin:

Hi there.
I also have the same problem with Revit. I made it from a Generic Model Family with Default material
According to users, Revit does not has such thing like UV Mapping features. What should I do?

Also, Is It possible to create Multiple Projection Screen (more than 1) for everyone sharing there own screen at the same time?

Create a new material with texture real-world dimensions matching the dimensions of your screen, and apply the new material to the element.

Yes, it’s possible for multiple meeting participants to share their own screens simultaneously on multiple screens. For this case each screen needs a unique material.

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Thank @wojtek for your response
After hours try to add and align a pattern with real-world dimensions for the screen (I made Material and add to it), I relized it is very difficult to centralize the pattern to the screen’s surface…And the result is always a glitchy sharescreen in Shapespark or it moves to the corner somehow (I think the reason was the pattern is not aligned properly from Revit)

But, if you attach patterns or images with “Decal” (Revit’s Decal feature) and resize it as any size you want to instead, the result is fantastic

So stick with Decal if you dont want to be frustrated with Material

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For material, I think it’d be best to switch off texture tiling and adjust the texture offset until you get the correct texture position in Revit.

That said, yes, you’re right: decals are much better for meeting projection screens.

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Yes, I’ve tried with both Tile and None and tried to modify Position but the result didnt change much after all. So now I use Decal. The better Decal’s quality the better ShareScreen Resolution is