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Meeting signal lost


I have an issue with the meeting extension: I have this scene with four “TVs” with the same material and for some reason when in a meeting all of the sudden the sharing signal gets lost, also this happens only in this model, we are 10-15 users when this happens.


By sharing signal gets lost, do you mean that the participants are disconnected, or the material changes done by the participants stop to propagate to other participants but voice and video still work?

I meant that the material in which I have set the sharing screen function starts working as intended with the participants being able to watch the shared screen and after a few seconds the material goes back to its static state.

A likely reason is that you have several Projection Screen extensions configured to start screen sharing on the same material (Screen2). This will rather not work correctly, because one Projection Screen extension will be overriding screen sharing state configured by another one.
One Projection Screen per material guarantees that if one participant shares the screen on the material, the sharing on this material is blocked for other participants.

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Well then I have to set one Projection Screen extension for separate materials?

Yes, each Projection Screen should have it’s own material not used by any other Projection Screen.

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