Minimap cropping range

Hello Team,

We are struggling to set the boundaries of the minimap. We have a giant view sphere outside our model, and we are not able to zoom in the model and set it’s correct size in the minimap settings. It’s restricting us beyond a particular number.

Can you let us know what is the correct way to zoom in the minimap, or how do we set it’s boundary correctly ?


Hi @nishantambekar

What do you mean by restricting beyond a particular number? RangeX and RangeY are set as min / max values where min can’t be higher than max.

If there are precision issues - is it possible to lower the size of giant sphere?

If you can share scene with us I can take a closer look at it!


Hi @kamil ,

Thank you for your quick response. The sphere cannot be lowered, as it causes view distortion issues. We want to set boundary of the minimap as the our model. However, the minimap settings are not allowing us the lower the values beyond a certain number (in our case it’s 289). Even if I try to set my “min” value to “0”, it resets to 289.

I am sending you the scene via private message.


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