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Minimap navigation


I am sure that many of you know that Shapespark released a minimap feature a couple of weeks ago and because:

  • we want all community members to be on the same page as far as new functionalities go
    it’s a really cool feature
  • we’ve decided that it needs its own separate forum post.

So here it is.

As you may have realized, the Viewer tab is no longer the last tab in our desktop application. Now this “last but not least” place is occupied by the Minimap tab.

Minimap brings navigation to Shapespark scenes. It lets users know where they are in the space.

By default Minimap is disabled. You can enable it in the editor by clicking the “Enable Minimap” checkbox. (surprise, surprise!) Enabling minimap will create a new square element in the bottom left corner of the viewer.

This element contains a stylized rendering of your space, seen from the top and sliced at desired height. Slice height also provides navigation information. Clicking on the minimap will move your view to the selected point at the slice height.

Small, closed spaces that have a continuous border can be filled automatically by our flood fill algorithm. It was designed to fill small areas with color, but may fail if there is a gap in the outline.

Cropping can help greatly if your model area expands beyond the space you would like to be covered by minimap navigation.

And all of this can be created multiple times, for multiple levels, allowing you to create multi storey navigation!

All right, that’s that. Happy minimapping! :slight_smile:


Hello @kamil ,

Please enable API calls to toggle minimap ON / OFF. This would be very useful. Also, please allow code to know “state” so that we know when it’s ON and when it’s OFF.

Thank you.

Hey @nishantambekar, we have updated our API to support minimap enable / disable calls. Now you can also check minimap state. You can find details in our documentation at: GitHub - shapespark/shapespark-viewer-api: JavaScript API for interacting with the Shapespark 3D scene.

@kamil Thanks a lot for this update ! Was waiting for it.

Hello @kamil , @jan and @wojtek

Can you please verify the api calls are working ? As when I wrote a code to execute these calls, my console says

Uncaught TypeError: Viewer.enableMinimap is not a function

Same for disable function

TypeError: Viewer.disableMinimap is not a function

Can you please help here


The API calls are working - we double checked.

Are you trying to execute those calls on self-hosted scenes or scenes within shapespark hosting? If it is the latter could you please share your scene with us so we can check what might be the issue.

However if you are using self-hosted scenes you will need to update to new shapespark bundle that will be released within next two - three weeks.

Hi @kamil ,

We are working with self hosted bundled scene. Actually, we have made a commitment to one of our biggest clients about this minimap functionality. Is it possible to please release this new bundles in this week or coming week please ?

We cannot use Shapespark hosting, as there are many custom logics we’ve written considering our domain. Can you please help us here ?

Thank you.

Hey @nishantambekar

I understand, but we don’t want to rush with release before we implement all features. However we will create pre-release beta and allow you to use it. Beta will contain minimap API update, and should help you with your commitments.

We should release beta within next week I believe. I will let you know as soon as it is ready

@kamil You guys are genuinely the best support team ever. Thanks a lot ! I really appreciate your help

Hello @kamil . Could you please let me know when would the beta version roll out this week ? I have to give a commitment to our client on that basis.

Thank you.

@nishantambekar Beta has been just rolled. You should have access to minimap API while using beta channel

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Thanks alot @kamil ,

Can you please let me know on how do I access this beta channel ?

@nishantambekar After launching shapespark application you should see popup about new version available, requiring you to restart application. Update is installed automatically then. However, if you have any issues, please let me know.

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Thanks a lot for your support @kamil , it’s now working as expected

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