Minimum requirements (GPU) to visit a scene


one of my client has a hard time visualizing the scene. After checking his computer, I noticed that the GPU was overwhelmed (97-100% in the task manager). The GPU is the Intel Iris Xe.

While I know it’s not a good GPU (let’s keep it civilized :smiley: ), do you know what’s the minimum acceptable GPU to smoothly visit a scene?

On the other hand, what’s the most efficient to adapt a scene to a low end GPU?

  • Reduce the render settings
  • Reduce the number of polygons
  • Other?

Thanks a lot for your input !

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to optymize your scene you can do numer of things. Reduce number of triangles in the scene you can read more about it here:

optymize textures used in the scene and also decrese number of lightmaps if necesarry.
You can also send me a link to your scene and I will let you know what will be the best approach.