Miroor probe distorted

I am really trying to get over the fact that mirrors are just an aproximate reflection… But why does the reflection probe distort so much if the room has hallways or inside corners? Isn’t it possible for the reflection probe to see behid the corner??? Maybe in the future? Mirror are an important feature of the space…and letting clients see something like very very distorted it’s making no justice to the whole experience!
Just leaving this foto here for you to see the situation.
Thank you!

please read here for some explanation about light probes and reflections. What you can try to do is to make bounding box of the light probe bigger so it will cover also the hallway. also move the light probe closer to the mirror.

I’ve tryed that, and it looked even more unreal, as the walls of the pantery showed just on the floor like a black shadow and nothing in 3d( you could see thru them).

Can you send me a link to your scene. I will take a look at it.

This is a hard example. With the way reflections works in Shapespark you will have to compromise in this situation. You can make the material less reflective or turn off “parallax correction” in the material. Move the light probe around to find the best solution. Also if this two parts of the mirror would be one object than reflections will be taken from one light probe and fitting each other. There wont be a perfect solution. The reflection will be always distorted.

Thank you for letting me know. Maybe in the future you cand solve this problem.

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