Mobile detection

Hello, is there any chance to add some code (?) or… anyway, my client is asking can we have Shapespark running more smoothly on mobiles… I was thinking about:

  1. lowering the lightmap resolution (from 125 now to something about 60-75) and maybe some polygons… but is there any chance to lower tex resolution as well?
  2. and actually - is there any chance to set up max resolution? some mobiles tend to have crisp screens but not that good processors, so maybe this is a good way to sort it out?
  3. by the way, is there any max resolution for shapespark? or it always runs on actual screen resolution?


May I ask what you refer to by running more smoothly? Is your client experiencing a constant low frame rate, or a usually good frame rate but with hiccups? What mobile device is it?

I think you don’t have to use such high lightmap resolution. 75 should be enough for most of the cases, maybe except places where you have thin hard shadows, for which you could use higher Custom lightmap resolution in the Objects tab.

Shapespark automatically downscales textures to optimize memory usage and download time. For mobile devices it uses versions of textures with smaller resolution and in GPU-compressed texture formats (PVRTC, ETC1).

Currently, the Shapespark viewer always uses the physical screen resolution.

May I ask which scene are you working on? We could take a look to see if there is something to optimize.

No problem, just a sample scene. I was thinking about the impact of many reflective surfaces - also I have 5 reflection probes. Not sure about the client’s problem and now we have weekend, the only thing I know is that he has 3Gb RAM.

Will there any chance to have the possibility to lower max resolution on mobile devices in the future?
Do You think this might help?

We’ll take a look at your scene and see if and how its performance on mobile devices could be improved.

A mobile device with 3GB RAM seems to be rather a high-end one. If you could get the information from your client on:

  • What mobile device is it?
  • What browser are they using?
  • Is this a constant low frame rate, or usually good frame rate but with hiccups?

it would be very helpful.

Ok, will try do do the mobile version first (with lowered lightmap res) and will gather the info from client, also will test in on some other devices.

Thank you. We are not yet sure if this issue is connected to the display resolution, so we cannot yet tell if lowering the resolution would help. Especially that your scene is rather small in the geometry, texture and lightmap sizes.

Actually I have tried to reproduce the issue and on M4 Aqua the only moment where it starts to lag is:

  1. VR mode
  2. Flowers, cooker and fruits are visible