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Mobile optimization

Hello, I’m having trouble with showing the shapespark model to clients who want to access through mobile devices, on computer the scenes work fine. I’m guessing it’s an optimization issue on my part and the RAM limitations on mobile. The scene contains a large number of custom texture artwork for an event in an outdoor pavilion. Can your team please give me pointers on how to optimize the scene further so it works on common mobile devices? Thank you for any help you can provide. The link is:

The easiest thing to try is to reduce number of lightmaps from 4 to at most 2. For largest objects such as terrain or the roof, try to set Custom lightmap resolution to some small value (Objects tab), When you start the bake the baking progress prints a message like ‘Baking lightmap 1 of 4’. This message shows how many lightmaps are needed, you can cancel bake jobs and reduce resolution until you have 2 lightmaps.

But with 7 mln triangles I’m afraid reducing the number of lightmaps may not be sufficient. You can also upload a version of the scene without lightmaps baked to see if such simplistic version will open on mobile.

The Objects tab allows you to identify objects with the most complex geometry (objects are sorted by the number of triangle). You could replace the most complex objects with some low-poly alternatives.