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Model runs on iOS but displayed black on Android

Hi. We have this scene that is not very big and runs without any problem on a desktop or on iOS devices. But on Android after loading it flickers shorty and turns then black.
Apartment Graz

Any idea what might cause this problem on Android?

Thanks for the report. We are looking into the issue.

@tim, some materials in this scene have roughness setting outside of the allowed range: 0-1 and it breaks rendering on Android. It looks such values came from an extras.json file in some older version of Shapespark. The recent versions of Shapespark validate extras.json, detect incorrect settings and doesn’t allow such values to enter the Shapespark scene

Would it be possible for you to either:

  1. Fix the extras.json file for this scene, import the model once again, re-bake and re-upload


  1. Fix the scene.json file for the existing scene by looking for roughness occurrences with value higher than 1 and clamping them to 1. Then, re-upload the scene.
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