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Monthly plans released


We’ve just released monthly subscriptions as an alternative choice to Shapespark perpetual license.
With four options to choose from: three monthly plans and the original perpetual license, we hope everyone will find something suitable. You can check the prices and features here:


Just curious about how the perpetual license works. Is it a one time charge of $790 and then $395 per year after the first year?


The $790 fee is for the perpetual license plus one year of software updates, hosting and support.

After the first year the $395 per year is an optional fee if you want to extend software updates, hosting and support (it’s not for extending the license itself because the license is perpetual).


Just to make sure I am interpreting perpetual license correctly, is the $790 a one time charge or a yearly charge?
Thus in year 2 and beyond, how much would the licensee pay?


In the second year you can pay $395 to continue using the hosting and receiving the Shapespark application updates, or $0 if you don’t want to use the hosting and are fine using the application without further updates and support.

If you decide not to pay, you are still able to use the editor, open scenes on your computer and use self-hosting.


That is what I thought. I just wanted to verify!

BTW: if I upload a model to you service, is there a way to restrict who can access it?


You can use an obfuscated scene name and share a link to such scene only with trusted people (see also the last question in the FAQ).