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Movie texture error

I just tested a new scene we created with a movie texture for the TV.
Scene with movie texture
It runs fine on a desktop browser. But when I test it on my iPhone (Safari Browser) after the scene is loaded the movie covers the screen and starts to run. It is not running as a texture on the TV screen as it should.
Video of video texture problem
The scene is self-hosted.

I just tested it on the Shapespark server. This is not a problem here.

It is a bug that is already fixed in Shapespark hosting, but not yet released to the desktop application. This is why it works after the upload but not in the bundle. We plan the next Shapespark release that will bring the fix to the desktop application on Wednesday or Thursday this week. Will this be sufficient for you?

Thank you @jan. It’s okay. I can explain this now and give a date when it will be fixed. Perfect!