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Multi GPU machine for Baking?


Monthly Plus Plan purchased so today the real fun begins!

Quick question:

Has anyone got a multi GPU machine and running Shapespark and got it using both GPU for the bake?

We have a machine in the office with Dual RTX2080Ti and wondering if it would speed up the bake times if we used that machine?

Yes, we are using dual RTX2080 workstations to bake our presentations and it bakes quite precisely twice as fast as a single GTX1080 on another computer.

Hey @Kuba thanks. Your tours on your website look sweet btw!

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I’d only add that for dual GPU baking it’s best to use cards of identical speed. Adding a third card isn’t that beneficial: the baking time will be ~2.4x shorter in comparison to a single card.

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Thanks @wojtek The 2 cards I have on that machine are identical so that is great.

I don’t however really use that machine too often as other software we use does not work at all with dual GPU, so can it be used just as a baking machine, by installing the shapespark app on that machine or will that cause me issues with licencing and or as importantly access to the files?


@njay, the Shapespark license allows to install the software on up to 3 computers, however it can be used only by the Licensee (it’s a single-user license), and not simultaneously on multiple computers.

To work on the same scene on multiple computers you will have to transfer the scene between the computers by copying the scene folder located in Documents\Shapespark.

Thanks @wojtek your response speed to queries is awsome!!

At least now I can bake on a machine that is much faster and still do other work in other programmes.

Of course. Just tested on my 7 cards PC.


thanks @Hill_Lam, 7 cards! damn my business partner would hate me if I tried to justify 7 cards! lol