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Multiplayer support

Will it be possible someday to share a scene with one or more persons at the same time? You know, like a couple wants to visit a house with a VR headset and they share the experience.

We do not have such plans as of now.

May I ask which particular aspects of sharing would be the most important for you?

You have to imagine that two people (a married couple in most cases) walk around the house and look at it. Then they start to change the materials and colors in the model (maybe they will choose different furniture and bathroom furnishings or kitchen variations) and talk about what they like best. Ideally, the desired result is then saved and made available to the potential customer as a printout or screenshot or as a link to a personalized 3D model.

As a result, an evaluation of the most popular materials or variants would also be interesting. This evaluation would allow the manufacturer to prepare a new project accordingly.


Brilliant idea regarding being able to save out material configurations per client. Now there’s a json material importer in place, perhaps the website could just save out a new one of those per client, and then allow the client re-open where they left off based on a link with the json file as an argument? LIke:

This could also be good for keeping material catalogues which automatically populate material pickers without the need for manually setting them up when new brands of flooring become available etc. Like:

Hi, @tim. This multiplayer idea is great. I used IrisVR to make a multiuser metting of the internal space at the same time, (all users in different part of the country) in demo mode and is fantastic, may be this help you @wojtek Another interaction example is Yulio, you can follow what the client see in his viewer no matter where they are, this action is very important because you can explain the space to your client exactly were they are looking