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Multiple 3D rooms connection

I was wondering if we could have multiple 3D rooms that will be able to link to each other? For example, I can have one demo on one 3D room, and a selection of clickable points. One of the points, when clicked, will be able to launch a new tab browser to another 3D room. Is it possible?

Another scenario could once click on a point in one 3D room, it will launch a new 3D room on the same page of the browser.

Hope it makes sense. Thank you.

Hi, this is possible with the Open URL extension that can be added from the editor Viewer tab. You can enter a URL of your second scene and configure the extension to open it in a new tab:

Thank you.

I am sure if I want to load the new scene on the same browser tab, I can do so as well, ya?

Yes, you can also configure it to use the same tab.

Thank you. Your response time is incredible. Stay safe.