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Multiple Background Images

Hello, can we make possible to add extra sky images, this way we can turn off and on depending on the view?

One scenario that would work for us, is something like this.

Where we made possible to change from night to day, but it would have been way easier to just change the background natively instead of using a sphere with two images to preserve pixel count.

Also we would like to implement it to replace something like the eye trigger in this scene, that links to a 360 degree tour.

We do 360 renderings for our exteriors, so this would be a great time saver to run them from Shapespark.

Please let me know if this could be possible. It would be great.


Hello @Multitaskr_JMoney ,

Can you share how were you able to change the lightmap of the scene in real time on click ?

It’ll be really useful of the community.


Hello!, sorry for the late reply, what we did here is create another group with all the same objects as the first one, plus a big sphere with the night background and an emissive material, then Isolate Shadows on both setups. (Afternoon view and Night view).

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Great. And how do you switch between these two setups ? Also, if you isolate shadows then the shadows shouldn’t be visible anywhere. But your scene has shadows.

I’m still confused as to how am I supposed to reproduce this effect.

Could you pls help. Thanks

Sure, the full scene gets repeated twice (with isolate shadows turned on on both) this is why we can have a different lighting setup on each setup.

Hi @Multitaskr_JMoney,

The idea of day / night views is very interesting. Congratulations, you have successfully realized it.
Perhaps replacing the order of the night views
would give a smooth transition (without losing scene objects in a short interval)?
I didn’t understand how you defined which lighting would affect which group of objects.
My first thought is that you did light baking in the primary program (for one situation).

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