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Multiple Lightprobe issue

Hello everyone. Recently I faced with one problem concerning multiple lightprobes.
For example I have a flat with livingroom, bedroom, toilet. If I put ligtprobe in the bedroom the reflections are fine until I set up another light probe in the livingroom. In the livinngroom i still get reflections from bedroom. If I put lightprobe in toilet the reflections are fine, however previous two rooms start to reflect toilet. Seems like only one ligtprobe works in a scene. Cant get the result when two diiferent rooms reflect themselves. PS: all th doors are slightly opened. Please help. Screenshots below.

Are all your walls in one mesh? That could be the problem because each mesh can take reflection from one light probe only. Try to split your walls to separate meshes for every room

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Thank you Kuba for your comment. Yes, all walls are one big mesh… Your suggestion seems like a sollution. I wil try this method and let you know if that helps or not.

Thank you Kuba. That worked!! You made my day)