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Multiple queries/suggestions

Hi Everyone. There are a few problems I am looking for a solution to. Please shed some light if possible.

1- Camera- Is there a way we can define a minimum space for the camera to enter a gap/hole? It sometimes behaves like a rat which can go inside any tiny space and sweats me out to bring it out :slightly_smiling_face:
We can always have invisible objects to block the camera going inside those spaces but I am looking for rather logical solution.
2- Multiple Files Bake- Recently got my 1080ti. Now to use it fully, I want to bake my scene at night at a quality that takes around 5-6 hrs and right after that I want another scene to be baked which could be in queue, waiting for the first bake to finish. That way I don’t have to wake up at night to setup another bake or wait till next night to do that bake.
3- In VR mode in my Iphone, I am having problems walking around properly and getting stuck at stairs.
4- some materials colors are getting reset everytime we update the fbx.
5- In color correction, how does the H/S/L works, isn’t it supposed to be Hue/Saturation/Lightness like everywhere else? If it is, changing saturation slider values changes the colors. Also can we provide better interactivity to slider, so we can click and drag for slider values to go up and down. Right now we got to click and hold the mouse to change values.

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  1. No, it is currently not possible to change the size of the camera, it is just a point in space.
  2. This is already supported. If you open two scenes and start two bakes, the second one should be queued and start after the first finishes.
  3. We are aware of this bug and will have a fix for it, if the teleport passes through stairs, it can stop on the stairs and require additional activations to pass the stairs.
  4. Do you keep the base color unlocked in the editor? A locked color is not controller by the editor and is overridden during scene updates, unlocked color should be kept as set in the editor.
  5. It is an offset to the original color (See Offset description here:, it is just an approximation that allows to efficiently apply this offset during runtime, without doing costly HSL conversion for each texture pixel. The color correction is intended mostly for tuning the color, for significant changes it is better to modify the source texture.

As for the slider, we are thinking of implementing a custom slider, for now it is just a standard HTML number input that doesn’t allow for such customization.

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