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Music not playing

Hi Guys

Not sure if it’s a bug but since a few days ago (We think with the latest update) all the music triggers have stopped working in our scenes. We have used a few music sources across various scenes including Youtube and another, so I don’t think it’s the source we’re pulling from - but hey, we could be wrong…

Sound still works on Video textures etc.

Here’s a scene that normally has it (trigger on jukebox in lounge)

Any ideas?



In the JS console you can see this message when clicking on the play button :

Probably bad format ? Can you try other sound formats?

It’s the same for me in all the tours, it must be a bug in the last update @jan, @wojtek

The audio link points to which doesn’t seem to exist. Could you if replacing it with some other link helps?

Thanks Jan we’ll try another and let you know. Maybe @jorgearq was using the same youtube library…

Yes, I was actually using the same one and it doesn’t exist anymore! Do you know of any alternative? I have gone to Youtube Studio but it doesn’t allow me to generate a link to the music, it only allows me to download the file!

I don’t know if YouTube offers any alternative link directly to the music. We are working on allowing selection of audio files directly from your disk and uploading them as part of Shapespark scenes, instead of entering URLs to externally hosted files. We hope this will make the Audio extension more convenient and robust to URL changes.

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