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My first project: Helsinki wedding fair In the AIR

Hello everyone,

Coming from a business that the virus restrictions decimated completely since early March, Shapespark has been the silver lining in this dire situation. I think it truly is a game changer. I’d like to present to you my first project, a wedding fair that we launched a few hours ago and that will be up only until Monday evening. The venue is the Helsinki Senate Square.

UPDATE: the show has ended, but the model can now be found here:

It was modeled in only a couple of weeks and I have learned loads. The biggest problem seems to be that many visitors would like to view the model via their mobile devices, which is why I’m attempting to remove some 2D figures to make that possible. It was still working on most phones 2 days ago… I’m open to any ideas regarding this.

Thanks a million!

P.S. I’m looking to build a lot more shows like this (interior ones mostly I hope haha) so I’d appreciate any feedback you might have considering the model.



I like the gimmicks in your scene. like moving the camera is moving up when klicking the drone or the view from above with the couple in front of the plaza.

For me the speed of the standard navigation with mouse and keyboard is a bit too slow.

Hello @ville, a huge effort on your part! It’s always good to share, it’s a good way to improve. For the time you indicate there is not much that can be done but I recommend you to change the image of the sky. Search in this address you can find a very realistic sky and with just that small change you can win a lot and impress.
I hope you win many more jobs like this!

Thanks for the tips! Business regarding these seems to be taking off so I’ll be sure to use them in the future.