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My scene looks grainy

Hello, after previewing the scene, image doesn’t looks clear instead it creates a grainy image. I thought the issue is because of low light, so i increased the no. of lights in rooms. I have added 8 spot lights, 2 point, also increased the sky strength to 20 and sun’s strength to 25. but still the scene doesn’t looks clear and sharp.

Preview is primarily for quickly checking if the space is well-illuminated before the bake is started. Unlike baking, preview doesn’t use denoising, so the preview result is much noisier than the bake result at the same number of samples.

To reduce noise in preview you’d have to significantly increase the number of samples (~1000).

so if i bake the scene it’ll look sharp?

Yes, it will. Use 100 samples for draft bakes, and 400-800 for final bakes.

can you please explain me what is draft bake and final bake? i am new to this.

Draft bake = low-quality bake, final bake = high-quality bake.