My shapespark does not load anymore after baking. Need help

I recently tried to bake a scene and slept through it, when I woke up, my PC restarted and my model doesnt load anymore either I check it or edit it

Does the upload still work for this scene? Could you upload the scene to our hosting and send us a link, so that we could take a closer look at the issue?

Hello, I actually fixed this issue, I was in a meeting with you earlier, from 1ClickDesign. Wanted to ask on how I could achieve a more spread out cove lighting and spot lights. Plus If I could also ask what are the best settings and easier option to bake using a RTX 3050 GPU, It just takes so long to bake. I have my scene right here.

And also, there’s like a bar of shadow on the floor in the reception area. I was wondering what is causing that. My model is a bit rough as we justt used converted components from the original 3DS File and have replicated it in sketchup.

Thanks for the link, we’re analyzing your scene.

Thanks! My baking’s really slow and wantedbthis to be more realistic.

Thanks for your patience. We have analyzed your scene and here are our advices:

  1. The scene has 21M of triangles, which is much more than the suggested 3-4M limit. Take a look at: to see how you can reduce the triangle count.

  2. The floor geometry has holes cut in not to overlap with the walls and doors. This leads to complex surface geometry containing a large number of long thin triangles which are difficult to bake. When you make the surface a simple polygon that overlaps with the walls and doors, the floor lighting artifacts will disappear.

  1. There are many light point light sources intersecting will walls. Light sources placed very close to nearby objects introduce a high amount of noise to the lightmap, decreasing the overall lighting quality. Could you replace such light sources with spot lights placed under the downlights in the ceiling?