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Nested Objects to be hidden

Is it possible to nest objects before exporting them so they appear as only one object in Shapespark? I want an entire floor to disappear when chosing a particular view, but I have to manually hide hundreds of tiny objects to do so. I don’t mind if you have solutions in 3ds Max, Sketchup or others, I just can’t figure a way to do this.

Thanks in advance

Shapespark supports object hierarchy and hiding a whole group.

For example, in SketchUp, if you create a group consisting of several objects, and export the model to Shapespark, the desktop editor will allow you to set “Custom hide in views” for the whole group.

What 3D modelling are you primarily using?

I mainly use SimLab Composer, but I don’t mind changing to SketchUp before exporting to Shapespark

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with SimLab Composer. Does it have some notion of object grouping? And what 3D file format are you using for the export?

yes, I tried grouping the objects before exporting them, but unfortunately Shapespark didn’t detect them. I’m gonna try adding an extra step through SketchUp.

I export them in .obj, both combined based on material and structure, no success with neither of them

Does SimLab Composer support FBX or COLLADA (DAE) export format? The OBJ format doesn’t convey grouping information.

FBX did the trick! But some textures are missing when exporting fbx, I tried DAE also, but it says C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Temp\Shapespark\importxxxx\xxxxx.dae

  • Expected attribute “profile” for element

Is it because I need a license? Sorry for all the questions!

No, it’s not dependent on the kind of license you have. It looks as if the DAE format produced by SimLab Composer exporter was not compatible with the Shapespark’s DAE format importer.

I’ve narrowed it down, and the error comes from

						<texture texture="ID19804" texcoord="UVSET0">
									<blend_color>1 1 1 1</blend_color>
								</technique >

I’m guessin it’s because it’s trying to use a technique for diffuse in the materials, if I change it to just a color under diffuse it can be imported. Problem is there’s hundreds of materials and I’d have to change them all manually. I don’t know if it’s something you guys can do anything about or if you know a quick fix in my end

thank you

@kotekvirtual, could you send the DAE file to, so that we could take a look at it?