New interface feelings

hello everyone … i wake up this morning and was at first very impress by the update and ctrl z is here
and im so happy,

but i would love we talk about interface and how i feel it as daily user

at first the color : i can say i use all my software in dark color mode now and its disturbing to have it so clear now and cant switch with a dark mode or maybe i didnt notice the option to do it

and second the interface : im not ui professional but as 3d artist i like when all button are close
more or less on old interface i had all in menu without need to scrool in 1080p screen

now i need make more gesture and since im 45 years old my hurting wristle can feel those kind of thing XD

and my last observation is more a question i guess : in object mode how i can reach the wireframe mode like before ?

thanks for the work

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Hi Julien,

you have three icons at the the top
The two on the right give you the wireframe mode.

Screenshot 2024-03-14 112101

thanks for the tips :slight_smile: alex

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I would personally like the option of a dark mode myself. Or at least something with a neutral gray background, not the super bright white.

Dark mode is one of the first things on our TODO list for UI. It’s coming soon :slight_smile:

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Please introduce dark mode. It’s not ideal to work at night with dim surroundings and a bright UI interface illuminating your whole room. Just kidding :smiley: