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New Single Family House

We released another single family house with some more details for the decoration and 4 floors.
Single Family Home
Feedback is always welcome :grinning:


Impressive work @tim! Looks great.
I would be careful with to dark materials - they appear as black holes in Shapespark. Also some textures come out too saturated and dark - Shapespark does some weird stuff with textures gamma that I don’t fully understand.
Two things that could look better to fit into the general standard is the basement and the mirror by the entrance. In the basement you have some weird lighting without light sources and the mirror have very distorted reflection. I guess the light probe is somewhere near the stairs - I would put it directly before the mirror.
Otherwise as I said before: very impressive!

Hey Kuba. Thank you for your review. Your suggestion with the lightprobe in front of the mirror is good. I will test it.