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No reflection in water and mirror, Why? (Fixed ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ)

Hello, @jan and @wojtek I have my own space to do tests. In it I will try to optimize textures, reflections and other characteristics of materials. This is the scene

But I do not know why the mirror or the water in the tank can not reflect the guy inside! Iยดm doing something wrong?

Hello, did you intentionally disable light probe bounding box in the Light probes tab or was the lightprobe automatically added without this setting?

For such rectangular room the lightprobe should have the bounding box enabled and aligned with the room walls, floor and ceiling. After such change the reflections in the water are well aligned with real world location of the objects and the person is visible in the water.

The person wonโ€™t be correctly reflected in the mirror. The light probes based reflections are an approximation, all reflections images are generated using 6 images that are captured in the light probe location (center of the room). This 6 images donโ€™t have enough information to correctly reflect a person that stays close to the mirror. The front of the person that should be visible in the mirror isnโ€™t even visible from the light probe location. If you moved the guy to stay in one of the corners, he should be more correctly reflected, although the reflected geometry will be distorted.

Hi @jan, Inicially the room did not have ceiling. I placed the lightprobe then and moved it to the actual position but never saw the bounding box so the lightprobe automatically added without this setting maybe for the inexistence of the ceiling. Then, I placed the ceiling, the guy and mirror.

Ok, I will try another position between objects and bake again. Thanks

I errase the last lightprobe, then I placed one in the middle, another light probe in front of mirror and moved the guy a little further in such a way that the distortion of the image in the mirror was the least. By the way, now both new light probes came with bounding boxes, definitly placed it without ceiling disable the option.

This sounds right, the automatic bounding box detection wonโ€™t work if the ceiling is missing.