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No reflections under objects



I love shapespark but i find the lack of reflections under objects to be a big letdown.

As can be seen from the attached image, it looks like the books are floating. Is there a way to get a reflection under objects to give it a more realistic look?



Did you try to add a light probe close to the books?

Rendering reflections in an accurate way is a compute-intensive task, so to maintain good frame-rate of walkthroughs Shapespark employs an approximate technique based on light probes. In many cases the accuracy of the approximation can be improved by adjusting the number of light probes and their placement.

In your case, as @tim said, you could try to add a light probe close to the books. You may also set bottom of the light probe bounding box to be at the level of the bench top.

If you shared a link to this scene with us, we’d take a look and try to give you more precise advice.

Hi Tim and Wojtek,

My apologies for the slow reply. Was on holidays for the past few weeks. Back to the grind now:sleepy:

I added more light probes and that helped a lot.