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Number of participants in a meeting


  1. Is there still a limit of people in a meeting of 10 at most?
  2. What do these numbers mean in the following picture?

  1. Could the number of simultaneous visitors in a meeting be increased to 25?

This number means the number of 600 minutes packets, so if you select 2, you will buy 1200 participant-minutes, if you select 25, you will buy 600*25=15000 participant minutes.

We can increase the number of participant limit to 25 for your account, but we can’t promise that this will work well, we are still focusing on smaller meetings.


Many thanks @jan, that is a very good news to my client. I will talk with him about it.

@jan Could you enable my account for 25 people at a meeting? I really need this resource, if there is any problem I will let you know


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Sure, please send us your Shapespark username to

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