Number of slots in a team

If I add one member to the team, will the slots increase by that amount? For example, if I have the Plus plan, do I get 100 slots?

Yes. Let us know when you add a team member, and we’ll update your number of slots on the main team account.

Thanks for the response.

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I currently have a Plus plan [Billed monthly] for $99 by subscription.
If I add a member to my team, will I pay 99 x $2 per month?
If I change to [Billed yearly], how much will I pay?


The current yearly price for the Plus plan is $1188 per month per user, so you would pay $1188 x 2 per year. Actually, your subscription uses the old Shapespark pricing ($99 instead of $118 per month per user billed monthly), giving $1188 per year per user in total, which means switching to yearly billing won’t save you money.